We put the same effort and dedication into building an outstanding company culture as we do in delivering our projects.

Who we are

As a team of bright minds with a keen interest in technology, most of us know how to code, but all of us have the common sense and heart it takes to deliver successful digital products and projects.

We believe in

Software is craftsmanship

At Oakfields, we believe software is craftsmanship, and we strive to lead the craft. We’re committed to creating ahead-of-the-curve web-platforms and apps that delight users and bring pride to the creators.

We go forward with determination

We have the skills and we have the knowledge, so we are not afraid to take action. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. Our determination makes us the steady center upon which our customers can rely.

Keep it fun

Positive energy creates a positive atmosphere. And while we are serious about the quality of our work, we like to keep it fun, humorous and light where we can. Let’s contribute to happy team members and happy clients!

What you see is what you get

We value openness, tolerance and kindness in all of our actions. We are open toward opportunity and towards feedback. This creates an environment of trust and transparency.

Meet the team


Founder & CEO


Software Engineer


Management Assistant


Software Engineer


Strategic Analyst


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Marketing Intern

You might just be the one we’re looking for!

Do you enjoy perfecting your craft daily? Being a vital part of a fun and dedicated team? Does the hustle and bustle of a young ambitious software studio spark your interest? Then you’ll fit right in.

Oakfields HQ

We are located at Corda Campus in Hasselt. This state-of-the-art workplace has everything that dynamic start-ups and international tech companies could wish for: an excellent location, lots of learning opportunities, restaurants and bars, great coffee, ...

In a nutshell: Our HQ is in the place-to-be for developers, creatives and entrepreneurs.