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Legacy software is an obstacle for growth and innovation. Many enterprises face this challenge at some point but are hesitant to move towards a new solution. A tried and tested legacy system that has gotten deeply embedded over the years, has a proven reliability. It also feels very familiar for the users. But in the end, for companies looking to innovate, scale or venture into new directions, legacy software will be a source of friction.

  • The challenge: Build a strong, connecting position amongst the B2B2C stakeholders.
  • The solution: Bringing the main stakeholders together on one digital platform that provides them with tailored experiences.
  • Our approach: Develop a web portal that strengthens brand experience, community feeling and optimises business flows.
  • The result: “SLV club” - a one of kind online platform connecting the SLV brand and offering with wholesalers, installers and end consumers.

The challenge at SLV:

Until recently, marketing and sales efforts at SLV Belgium were mainly ‘push strategies’ targeted at their own B2B clients. These clients would then go on to sell SLV products to the end-consumers. But this creates a few challenges:

  • Strong dependency on the intermediaries that sell SLV products to end consumers.
  • Hard to establish brand presence, experience and loyalty with end consumers
  • Limited data and market insights at end consumer level

Being a fast-growing company, SLV Belgium wondered: “Our approach might be working now, but will it still work tomorrow?”

The solution

The answer was found by rethinking their process: creating “pull” instead of relying heavily on “push” methods. The marketing team also had a vision where their main stakeholders would be brought together, digitally, in a highly relevant way and while providing a tailored brand experience. That’s how the idea for “SLV Club” was born.

An online platform to help:

  • Enable wholesalers and professional installers to sell SLV products to their clients.
  • Create brand awareness, interest and loyalty directly from end-consumers.

Our approach:

It’s our Oakfields way-of-working to approach projects with the end goal in mind and reverse engineer that vision into smaller, manageable milestones that result in releases users will love. For SLV Club, however, we had to make sure to meet a first important deadline: the release of the BIG WHITE, SLV’s paper product catalogue.

Developing a platform that truly connects

Providing value to very different types of users requires a solid UX approach. Our team set out to fully understand both the brand and the users and validate our assumptions. This process allowed us to build the right solution. For all stakeholders.

Building better interactions with SLV’s intermediaries

One way to create more pull and impact sales directly is by building better interactions with SLV’s intermediaries: wholesale businesses and professional installers.

A great example of this is a feature we built that automates the registration process of new projects by professional installers or architects. It saved a ton of time for both SLV and their B2B client segment

Bridging the brand gap between SLV and end consumers

The SLV Club platform also serves as a way to build a relationship with end consumers. We’ve built an inspiration tool that allows users to browse through the extensive catalogue of products with ease. They can then mark products as ‘favourite’ or add them to a specific board they created. On top of that, end consumers can then easily look for a reseller or installer to help them with their purchase!

The result

With a strong online platform like SLV Club, the company can build a community across sales channels and provide great functional value to the users individually. Creating “pull” instead of relying solely on “push”. And even though we have just started on our roadmap, the results are already there:

  • Better overview and management of B2B clients
  • Increased engagement from B2B clients
  • Greater product discoverability

Feeling inspired?

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